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Will SA follow the French proposed ban on discussing #wine in social media ?

We are a non-profit collective movement dedicated to save French winemakers right to promote themselves over the Internet and social networks. It would be a great honor if you would help us by tweeting the url of the petition http://chn.ge/11TtkFE whose introduction is translated here below: Don’t mess with my winemaker! SAVE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION … Continue reading

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  • Addington Hospital - mosquito infestation - is there a denue fever issue? Management say nothing - and do nothing walk in and look 2 days ago
  • @MyJRA complete means usable- this is not -will this be ready when schools open on the 12th Jan? 3 days ago
  • @MyJRA Your commitment was to complete Coleraine Bridge by 15Dec - ???now 20th and it remains unfinished and site empty - poor work ethic 3 days ago
  • champagne for xmas? - Moet & Chandon NV now R380 - why fall for the supermarket non-deals 3 days ago
  • champagne for xmas - Moet NV no R385 - liited stocks - only at SaleWine #wine #deal 5 days ago

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