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Will SA follow the French proposed ban on discussing #wine in social media ?

We are a non-profit collective movement dedicated to save French winemakers right to promote themselves over the Internet and social networks. It would be a great honor if you would help us by tweeting the url of the petition http://chn.ge/11TtkFE whose introduction is translated here below: Don’t mess with my winemaker! SAVE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION … Continue reading

SaleWine lIve

  • Cloof dukkit - gold veritas and so with it @R56 - balanced and integrated 2 days ago
  • The Foundry Grenache Blanc 2013 #Platter 5 stars 2015 - now R92 - sexy wine that is a must for drinking this summer 2 days ago
  • 5 star Platter #Buitenverwachting Husseys Vlei Sauvignon Blanc 2013 now R99 - fianl stocks - please dont delay 2 days ago
  • Cabernet #Deal Pulpit Rock Reserve 2012 + Flagstone Music Room 2012 - Double Gold Veritas Boekenhoetskloof 2012 - less 30% 2 days ago
  • #Boekenhoetskloof Syrah '12 - 5 star #Platter+ Fable Syrah '10 - 5 star Platter + Vondeling Erica Shiraz '10 Gold Veritas mixed case on deal 2 days ago

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