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Why do I despise the bottle store?

Amazing – we all feel annoyed by the word ‘queue’ – we hate doing this at concerts, at the bank and even at the bottle store, especially on a Friday or at month end, where every bergie stocks up for the weekend.  The smell of alcohol, mixed with something far more sinister, hangs heavy, almost as heavy as the aroma of a broken sewer pipe in Mouille Point.   Even though the cashier does her or his best to brighten up a foul mood, there is just no way to escape this cataclysmic horror without popping at least one vein.

Deep breath…

It was after one of these episodes that I decided… “no more, I have to take a stand against the scourge of the modern day queue”  – a few days and many deep-breathing sessions later, the idea for SaleWine was born.  No bergies, no smelly end-of-the-week queues, no more calamity at the till and certainly no more before sun-downer irritation.   SaleWine.co.za was going to offer its members the best wines, at the best prices, delivered for free… think of it as a great glass of wine delivered to your door, just for fun.

That was then… Now, as I sit on my porch watching the summer sun drifting across the tangerine Gauteng sky, glass in hand (of course) I smile as I think of the past and look forward to the future – a future where nobody has to deal with the dreaded queue!




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