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Nearly 64% of Americans shopped #online over the holidays – what about SA?

The majority of consumers who use the Internet, 63.5%, went online to shop for the holidays, according to a new survey. Moreover, 5.1% of those shoppers bought exclusively online throughout the season.

Internet-only retailers like Amazon.com Inc. were the biggest winners among online retailers, according to the American Pulse survey conducted by BIGresearch  The survey shows 55.9% of shoppers said they shopped at online-only retail sites over the holidays, 45.1% shopped at the web sites of bricks-and-mortar discount store sites, like Walmart.com and 24.8% shopped at auction sites like eBay.com.

Shoppers surveyed said they went online to find a broader assortment and better deals, even though they expect better service at physical stores.

Despite the high rate at which consumers said they shopped at web-only retailers, 70% of consumers said they prefer to shop online at retailers that have both online and physical stores. One reason: 62.3% of shoppers would rather make a return in-person in a store, compared to 27.4% who would rather ship it back.

Zak Stambor


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