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#Wine #marketing – integrate your market and thrive

We have long belived there should be a focus inwards for SA wine sales. The opportunities lost so far include  multiple years in which wine shows, like Winex, have  takeng place without adding value to the surrounding markets.


Here is a lesson from the USA –

“An event that debuted last year with success – Sonoma County Restaurant Week – will be repeated in February.

The 2010 Restaurant Week featured about 90 local restaurants offering a special prix-fixe menu at one of three price points. The week generated 15,000 extra meals and $1 million in new economic activity.

“One restaurant owner in an out-of-the-way location told us he was able to stay in business because of that event. He’s thriving now,” said Mr. Stone.

He’d like to see it expanded into the wine sector.

“We’re working with two countywide groups –  the Sonoma County Vintners and the Sonoma County Winegrape Growers – to encourage wineries to offer flights of wines or other special tastes at participating restaurants,” he said. “The event draws people from all over the Bay Area, and they mostly all order wine.”

These events take place in Germany and the Netherlands to great success. Why not in SA?




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