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German #wine imports fall but SA picks up

German wine imports fell by 2% in value and by 1,4% in volume the first ten months of 2010.
According to the latest data provided by the German customs and analyzed by the Spanish Observatory of Wine Markets (OEMV), wine imports in that period amounted to 1.612,3 million Euros and 1.184,3 million liters. The average price fell by -0,7%,to 1,36 Euros per liter.

By country, Italy is the leading wine exporter to Germany for the first ten months of the year, despite registering declines in sales in value (-4,6%) and volume (-1,4%), reaching 590,9 million Euros and 511 million liters. For its part, the average price of Italian wine has decreased by -3,3%, to 1,16 Euros per liter.

The second place is taken by France with 452,1 million Euros (-0,5% in comparison with the first ten months of 2009) and 194 million liters (0,8%). Spain ranked third among the major countries when speaking of German imports, decreasing in value by -3% and, conversely, increasing in volume by 3,6%. We also have to underline the increases registered by countries like South Africa (21,1% in value and 6,2% in volume) and the U.S. (23,6% in value and 2% in volume).

By products, in the period covering the first ten months of 2010, packed wine was the one that most weight carried within German total imports in value (66% of the total), and the second in terms of volume (38% ). However, this wine has undergone remarkable declines in value (-3,5%) and volume (-10,9%). This is mainly due to falling bottled wine sales from Italy and France, the two main exporters of bottled wine to Germany.

Sparkling wine is the one that best evolution shows until October 2010, growing by 3,5% in value and by 0,1% in volume. France remained the main driver of sales when speaking of this product, ranking first in terms of value with a 10,8% increase, and third in terms of volume, with a 13,3% increase. Italy, the second largest in terms of value and the first in terms of volume, remained stable in its exports to Germany. For its part, Spain registered Leyda Single Vineyard Loica Pinot Noir Rosé 2009, Leyda Valley, significant declines sparkling wine sales, with losses of -15,4% in value and -13,3% in volume.




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