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#Wine Australia not cutting the marketing mustard – #WOSA may find a similar position

Treasury Brands pulls support from Wine Australia

Written by Gemma McKenna
Treasury Wine Estates has withdrawn its support from generic body Wine Australia — saying the body does not do enough to “promote and represent our total portfolio of brands”.

The Australian wine giant, makers of Wolf Blass, Rosemount and Lindemans,  said it had not taken the decision lightly, but that it was part of a costs review.

Peter Jackson, managing director of Treasury, said: “We have taken the decision to temporarily withdraw our support from Wine Australia. This has come about for a number of reasons and was a decision not made lightly.

“We don’t believe that the new A+ campaign currently being leveraged by Wine Australia does enough to promote and represent our total portfolio of brands and in addition, the strength of the Australian dollar is significantly impacting our profitability so it is vital we review all of our on-going investments to ensure they are delivering the greatest return.

“We still believe there is a role for a generic body to promote and enhance the reputation of Australian wines in the UK and will be happy to review our position once a more commercially-driven campaign is put in place.”

Wine Australia launched its regional and premium-focused A+ Australian Wine consumer campaign in the UK earlier this month. For wines to fit into the A+ cateogry they must be bottled in Australia, come from one of the 62 regional Geographical Indications and be a genuine brand rather than an own-label.




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