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A case for better screw caps in #wine

The wine industry has debated the issue of wine closures for over a decade, but with no resolution. Ideally, a wine closure should be defect-free, and admit a very small amount of oxygen consistently over time. While current screw caps do not suffer from “cork taint” contamination that has plagued bark cork since their inception, they lack the oxygen permeability that wines require. This deficiency has given winemakers pause in adopting screw caps despite their other advantages.

VinPerfect promises to change this playing field completely this fall with the planned release of a screw cap liner (gasket) that has oxygen permeability similar to the “average” cork.

Until now, winemakers have had to treat every bottle with a cork closure as a roll of the dice, both in terms of possible cork taint contamination and how that particular cork will allow the bottle to age. While corks admit small amounts of oxygen, they do so at highly variable rates. In contrast, VinPerfect will offer a choice of discrete and consistent oxygen rates, which allow winemakers to be confident that their wine will be consumed as intended.

“The VinPerfect cap merges the reliability of a screw cap with the oxygen permeability of corks, but at a controlled rate. The wine industry has been waiting a long time for this.”

Scott McLeod, VinPerfect Board Member




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