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How not to make allergies worse

Top 9 things we do to make allergies worse

  • Kate Weidaw

If you are suffering from allergies there are some simple things you could be doing that are making your allergies worse.

This month Prevention Magazine published the top 9 thingsmost of us do everyday that make our allergies go from bad to worse.

But many times the symptoms may have you questioning am I sick or suffering from allergies?

“It’s not always easy to tell them apart,” said Dr. Charles Owen, Medical Director of the Heart Hospital of Austin.

But it turns out there are things we do that can make our allergies worse. Dr. Charles Owen, Medical Director at the Heart Hospital of Austin has seen them all first hand.

Like stressful work deadlines.

“Your body works hard to fight those things off but at some point it collapses and that’s when the symptoms really hit hard,” said Owen.

Allergies can also get worse by waiting to long to take your medication or skipping it in the evening.

“The histamine reaction which causes the symptoms of allergies there are triggers and once you set off that trigger it’s much harder to stop an allergic reaction in progress,” said Owen.

Turns out hot water is the only way to kill dust mites.

“They rinse out of the wash it is really not a benefit to wash too cold – all you’re doing is giving the germs a drink,” said Owen.

Houseplants can make you sneeze – but not all cause problems.

“People who are prone to these sorts of problems learn which plants they need to avoid,” said Owen.

You might want to avoid an indoor pool and hanging around friends who smoke.

“They are not direct allergens but increase blood flow that cause a local reaction that worsen allergic reactions on top of that,” said Owen.

Consider showering more than once a day. Pollen can stick to your skin and hair.

And cork the wine. An extra glass of wine with dinner can help produce histamines which trigger allergies.

“Alcohol affects on the blood flow to membranes which can contribute to a worsening of the symptoms,” said Owen.

The bottom line – know what triggers your allergies and avoid it – and just know the season will pass.

“Continue to hold out hope get some relief,” said Owen.

Dr. Owen suggests keeping a log this year of what triggers your allergies that way you can look back on what to avoid.

He also recommends using this information as a way to determine when to start taking medicine next year – before your allergies hit.



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