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Rare #wines go on sale by mystery French collector

NEW YORK: An anonymous French wine collector is giving new meaning to the term spring cleaning – at least when it comes to emptying out his cellar.

He is selling 315 bottles spanning more than 60 vintages from the top Bordeaux houses at Christies in Geneva May 17 and was also behind the sale of 158 bottles of three centuries of Chateau d’Yquem in Hong Kong last May, which netted slightly more than $1 million.

Michael Ganne, Christie’s wine specialist in Geneva, described the mystery seller in a telephone interview as a man in his 60s who began buying large quantities of wines in the 1980s.

“He still has quite a lot of wine left,” Ganne said. “It is, after all, just 315 bottles. Granted one of the rarest collections, but … when you have thousands of bottles, it isn’t very much.”

Christie’s estimates that the 315 bottles, which consists of one bottle from each of the post-World War II vintages that Latour, Margaux, Mouton-Rothschild, and Haut-Brion produced, will fetch between $696,000 and $929,000. The 315 bottles are being sold as one lot in the auction.

Ganne could not explain why the Frenchman was selling the bottles, though he did say the collector had duplicates of almost everything.

“It depends on the vintage. Some vintages are really, really difficult to find,” he said. “It’s quite easy to find a Lafite ‘45, but it’s really, really difficult to find a Lafite ‘46.”

Bottles of Lafite ‘45 can sell for between $2,490 and $7,800, while a case of 12 bottles of the vintage can be found for $51,480. But a bottle of the ‘46 can carry a price tag of more than $17,000.



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