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Go Wild with Exotic Mushrooms and Delheim

4 – 10 July 2011

If field mushrooms fill you with fear or Shiitake cuisine is a distant 
dream, then kick start your knowledge of these delectable exotics at 
Delheim’s Mushroom Week.
Wild and exotic mushrooms, as widely varied and available as they are in 
South Africa, are little understood by the public.  Delheim’s  Nora 
Sperling-Thiel (pictured), daughter of the redoubtable Spatz, became 
fascinated by the super-sized wild mushrooms that literally sprang up 
overnight in  our pine  forest, growing to 
their full extent within the space of a day.
Delheim has teamed up with Nouvelle 
Mushrooms, South Africa’s only largescale grower of exotic cultivars, to present 
a Mushroom Week at the farm.  The purpose of this event is to encourage 
understanding of the use of wild and exotic mushrooms in delectable gourmet cuisine
as well as their ease of use in home cooking, their fascinating story and many 
health benefits. 
From Monday the 4th to Friday the 10th of July, the Delheim restaurant, 
on the Knorhoek Rd off the R44, will offer a selection of wild and exotic 
mushroom dishes paired with the Delheim wines. Information about, 
and examples of, exciting varieties will be on display at the restaurant; 
and a few lucky guests will receive a recipe kit, complete with a bottle 
of Delheim wine and a punnet of Nouvelle mushrooms.
The mushroom  lunch, comprising starter, main course and dessert, 
paired with Delheim wines,  will be priced at R120 per head. Bookings 
can be made at restaurant@delheim.com or phone 021 888 4607


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