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Grape variety hits No1 slot in consumer wine choice

For the first time in three years grape variety has regained its position as one of the first choices when purchasing wine in the UK, according to a report by Wine Intelligence.


Shortly after the global financial crisis, its UK Trends report research saw ‘grape variety’ knocked off the number one slot by the ‘promotional offer’ – they now vie for first place.

It means UK wine consumers are just as concerned about getting the grape variety that suits them as they are about finding a bargain.

Its UK Trends report says 69% of drinkers consider promotional offers important or very important factor in their decision process, the same proportion of drinkers also regard grape variety as important or very important.


Brands are also growing in importance as a choosing cue, rising in three years from 52% to 63%, to overtake country of origin.

Attractiveness of the label is in growth from 19% three years ago to 30% today.


Richard Halstead, chief operating officer of Wine Intelligence, said: “Wine is a familiar product for today’s British consumer, despite the complexity of the category, and the typical shopper has developed a set of mental shortcuts based around grape variety, offer and brand to navigate the wine aisle.”

“The more fundamental question about the UK now is how to drive value and engagement among consumers at a time of economic uncertainty and rising household bills. Putting out a decent label with a popular variety at a commercial price is only half the battle – what emotional connection can your product make to win the sale?”



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