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A German wine crime

As fall the languorous leaves and the night abridges the day, so too does the Summer of Wine Crime transition to the Autumn of Wine Crime. Earlier this month, Weingut von Winning, in Germany’s Pfalz region, was the first victim to it when thieves drove a mechanical harvester into the producer’s Spätburgunder vineyards under the cover of night and yanked 5,500 pounds of grapes to make their own Kleptenbeerenauslese (“stolen select berry harvest”), or KBA, cuvée. The harvest henchmen, who are thought to be members of the industry themselves since they had, you know, a harvester, pulled an estimated $137,000 worth of the red grape. Von Winning’s Stephen Attman, who has hosted the president of Germany and other luminaries for wine tastings, told a local news agency that the crime would be solved eventually, when “somewhere a super wine is produced by a winemaker who is otherwise not known for such high quality.” Is that toasty oak barrels Unfiltered smells, or did someone just get burned?



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