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Oak Valley and The Greek talent #wine #Charcuterie

There is very little good news around Greece nowadays but over at Oak Valley there is still great Greek spirit.

There is so much happening in the livestock division … where do I start. Nicole Precoudis is a little Greek gem who has an incredible talent with food. An acclaimed restaurateur in her own right, she co-owned Icon and Cilantro in Joburg before buying a farm and starting an estate agency in Elgin. After years in the property business she’s decided to return to her foodie roots and is now helping us develop an exciting new range of charcuterie and meat products; pancetta, coppa, salami, saucisson, hams, terrines, sausages etc.

I’m not one to toot my own horn, but Oak Valley produces the best pork in the Cape. A family friend, nicknamed ‘Hitler’s nephew’ for his affinity to all things pork-related, exclaimed excitedly at dinner last month that our pork was the best he’s ever tasted. And he’s been around. The secret lies in our acorn-fed diet. The acorns are collected from the 4,500 oak trees on the farm, hence ‘OakValley.’ Last year we harvested 27 tonnes of acorns – no small feat!

We now have 17 Wagyu cattle, the nucleus of a breeding herd, with 3 more little ones on the way. You can’t help but look at them and wonder what gastronomic delights await. We are obviously still a long way off a commercial size herd and in hindsight were a bit premature in our Wagyu marketing drive. When they are available, our mailing list readers will be the first to know.



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