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Its true! Red #wine and chocolate can keep you alive passed 100 years

  • by: Mitchell Toy
Edith Bayne

Edith Bayne turns 107 today. Picture: Tony Gough Sunday Herald Sun

SHE has lived through two world wars, 27 Olympic Games and 22 changes of federal government – now Edith Bayne adds the 107th candle to the birthday cake.

The Camberwell resident, who celebrates her birthday today, credits red wine and chocolate for keeping her with us since 1904.

Fresh air, sunlight and a good cup of tea also aid longevity, she says.

Born in Christchurch, Mrs Bayne moved to Australia in the 1930s with late husband Oscar.

A talented artist, she drew cartoons for various journals in the 1940s and was an art teacher at Melbourne High School.

But the world has changed dramatically since the early 20th century. She was six when construction of Flinders St Station finished, 14 when World War I ended and 27 when the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened.

When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 she was 40 and when St Kilda won its only flag in 1966 she was 61.

 “I enjoy red wine, and I eat chocolate,” said Mrs Bayne, adding wine was used by many as a life booster.

“It’s no secret – it’s common.”

Ann Turnbull, head of Lynden Aged Care in Camberwell, where Mrs Bayne has lived since 2009, said the centenarian was an inspiration.

“If red wine and chocolate is the secret to a long life, there’s hope for me,” she said.

Mrs Bayne will celebrate with family at the centre today.

Mrs Bayne hasn’t hear of salewine and we estimate that she could have saved more than $400 000 in her lifetime if she purchased her wines online!



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