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Does the SA #wine industry care about the environment?

Over the past few years we have heard louder and more comment around the environment and the need to maintain the health of our lands and food supplies.

Woolworths has put their money where there mouths are by introducing sustainable farming and encouraging their suppliers to limit the use of chemicals and pesticides. Backsberg has become carbon neutral and introduced the Tread Lightly range which limits carbon emissions by reducing weight and allowing for its bottles to be 100% recyclable. Recently Boland Cellars too introduced Flutterby in PET.

We know of a dozen organic wine farms as  Laibach and Bon Cap and we have seen 1 or 2 others such as Nitida who are recycling water and using less energy.

However think for a moment -have you seen 1 cellar with a glass recycling bin for consumers to bring their empties to.

No mention has been made of solar powers being installed to limit the energy that is consumers by office , cellar and tasting room activities.

Noticed any wind turbines yet? Not everyone can build a huge turbine farm like they have in Darling but a small one that attaches to the roof?

Then the question around pesticides come back to the for – who has cut down on their use in the vineyard? If they have been reduced surly we would hear about it from the estate. This would be an achievement to be proud of!

Have you seen a low impact recyclable wine glass  at a wine tasting room or plastic returnable crate that could be returned instead of a cardboard box.

A huge amount of talk but no action?

The packaging on food products clearly shows us that producers and retailers aren’t committed to the “less is better” environmental strategy that they hold so high.

I for one would not mind the option of buying only the bag of cereal and not taking the cardboard colorful box and I could leave the separate non-recyclable packets  for each fruit I buy – apples and peaches don’t fight if put into the same bag.

Hotels always claim they look after your health and the environment but give you a Gin and Tonic in a polycarbonate plastic glass which leaches cancer causing BPA and leave your air conditioner on 24 hours a day. Makes you think.

If there are less chemicals in the ground there will be less in our wine and food, so next time you by your favorite ready made meal or bottle of wine or sit around the hotel pool on holiday – think  – and ask the supplier – are your ads just waffle or is there action in your words.



2 thoughts on “Does the SA #wine industry care about the environment?

  1. Recycling needs to be backed by the government, and the majority of South Africans need to be educated on the pros of recycling. Industry, and wine farms, is not going to promote it unless they are forced to; and given the support to implement it!

    Posted by Colline | May 25, 2011, 3:06 pm

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