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The #wine business is in trouble world wide – Brdx falls on hard times

As many as one third of Bordeaux’s wine estates are for sale, according to Yvon Mau managing director Philippe Laqueche.

Highlighting the tough situation faced by the majority of producers in Bordeaux who fall below the classed growth tiers, Laqueche remarked: “people are retiring and the next generation don’t want to follow them.”

However, he suggested that this natural shrinkage could have a positive effect on the profitability of France’s largest AOC, suggesting that many of the vineyards being pulled up were on poorer terroirs. “My feeling is that we have too many hectares in Bordeaux for quality and demand,” Laqueche concluded, adding that vineyards close to urban areas were also in demand for real estate development. [See the comment section below for a further explanation from Laqueche.]

Alex Hall, director of Bordeaux property agent Vineyard Intelligence, added context to this statistic, saying: “There are 8,200 producers in Bordeaux – are one third of them on the market? I’m not sure. But in terms of people who, if they thought they could sell, would – yes, probably.”



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