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Want to make Fig Preserve?

Best enjoyed with a glass of Edgebaston Sav Blanc 2010 now less 34% at http://www.salewine.co.za


  • 500 g green figs
  • 500 ml sugar
  • 25 g  calcium hydroxide (slaked lime)
  • 3 whole dried star anise
  • 3 dried allspice berries
  • 1 piece of fresh ginger, peeled – don’t use anything that’s bitty because it will influence the syrup


  • Wipe the green figs, well and scrape along the sides with a sharp knife to remove wooliness.
  • Cut a cross at the base of the fig.
  • Dissolve the calcium hydroxide  in 2 ½ litres of water and place the prepared figs in the water to soak over night.
  • The next day, drain the figs well to remove all traces of the calcium.
  • Dissolve all the sugar in 2 litres of water, add the dried spices and boil until you have a good syrup.
  • To this, carefully add the figs and the piece of ginger root and boil until the figs are just tender – they have to be quite crisp on the outside but tender enough for a skewer to go through with ease.
  • During the cooking process you will notice that foam accumulates at the top of the syrup, constantly remove this.
  • Pack the figs in suitable sterilized jars, seal and pack allow to mature for 6 weeks.


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