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What #wine should you drink for your star sign?

Everyones different, but what if there was a general trend in moods and wine enjoyment. I thought it would be fun to attempt to find a wine match for each star sign of the Zodiac. 

The first Zodiac sign is Aries, the Ram. Impulsive, pioneering, self-expression are key for Arians. They are leaders, naturally full of energy and taking on challenges. They can be a bit hot-headed at times, and certainly don’t like being told what to do!  Arians are well-matched to Elgin Sauvignon Blanc, which is full of raw energy, and zippy acidity.  Some winemakers are currently challenging it into more varied styles, moving away from highly pungent to more rounded flavours. 

Taureans are naturally constructive individuals.  They are full on in their quests; ‘iron-will’ is the phrase frequently used to describe them, and they can border on being bull-ish. They are very grounded, and thrive naturally in the countryside, where their lives are unfestered by complications. They dislike the limelight, and are blinkered towards other people. I would nominate Swartland Red wines, perhaps TMV, as being favourites for Taureans. These wines are uncomplicated, the quality are a result of good earth, and being ‘nurtured’ or ‘elaborated’ through years of coaxing in oak barrels. Their winemakers are reticent, and neither they or Swartland wines bask in the limelight of showy neighbour, Stellenbosch.

Gemini is typified by the sign of the twins, whose tendency to flick from one topic to the next makes them appear superficial and naive. Naturally curious, with the gift of the gab, Geminis thrive in big cities. Without a doubt, Champagne is a Gemini’s wine of choice, as its home is in the plush bars and restaurants of the world’s biggest cities, where it is often appreciated more for what it symbolises than for its intrinsic wine qualities.

Cancerians are one of the most sensitive genres around, picking up on slight nuances, and making tremendously bright detectives. They have a tendency to cling on to keepsakes, and memories of things gone by. With the image of Agatha Cristie in mind, I would propose Sherry to be the tipple of choice here – a glorious relic of a bygone era, which, like the Orient Express, deserves to brought back to its former glory. While made from the same grape varieties, the nuances of flavour picked up by different ageing methods suit a vast range of occasions – everything from arrestingly dry fino sherry to savoury nutty Amontillados to viscously sweet PX.

Leos are notoriously obnoxious attention-getters, and can be arrogant, dictatorial and showy.  However, they can be courageous and attuned to the intuitive, and are naturals at drama. Leos thrive in company of others, and are natural schmoozers, associating with the rich & powerful. They are known as rulers of the heart. Cabernet Sauvignon is the wine of choice here – with wonderful mid-palate concentration and big bold blackcurrant flavours. Cabernet frequently steals the show as the lead role on stage, most notably when it comes from the Stellenbosch. It can also happily play a supporting role to other great stars such as Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese and Merlot, as it does frequently on the centre stage of Bordeaux, and in other leading productions throughout Rioja, Tuscany, and New World greats.

Virgos aspire to perfection and can be hard on themselves. Work and service are key tenets of this personality, and feeling useful is their social goal. Health and wellbeing are key preoccupations, occasionally to the point of obsession. German Riesling suits the Virgo personality. This style works hard to ripen in the coolness of northern Europe, where it hangs on the vines a full month later than its southern counterparts. Unlike boozy southern cousins, German Riesling keeps a watchful eye on its alcohol levels, which are always a degree or so lighter.

Libra personalities look for balance in their relationships and lives. The balance is frequently between being decisive and morally high-grounded and the other is indecisive and is concerned about appearances. I would venture Pinot Noir here – on the one hand a pillar of society amongst other thoroughbred red varietals, and greatly admired by its followers.  The other side of the coin is the outrageously popular Pinot Noir Chardonnay style which is  indecisive about its name, vacillating between pink, ‘blush,’ and rose, and being more concerned with beautiful packaging and presentation than with substance.

Scorpios are intense, probing, secretive and are natural psychologists, picking up on minutiae of detail. They pick up on evil and chaos in the world, and can become nihilistic at extreme levels. Red Bordeaux styles seem to fit the bill here, being on the one hand elusive, subtle and yet magnificent and complex, but with frequent tendency towards anarchy in the wrong hands in difficult vintages.

Sagittarians are the coolest dudes of the cosmos. They are the life and soul of the party, and are naturally popular. Infectious enthusiasm makes them natural salespeople. They are also filled with wanderlust, and live for travel. Sagittarians are at home with Robertson wines – their inherent fruity styles makes them hugely popular. They are the world’s best at marketing themselves, sending larger than life personalities all around the globe to tell us what makes their wine so special.

Capricorns have a deep dislike of new technologies, prefer the ‘less is more’ approach, with quality being the lynchpin of all their endeavours. They are hugely committed to their vocation. Top Bordeaux wines, with their steadfast appreciation of tradition, and earnest quest for perfection, spring to mind here.

Aquarians are masters at understanding societal mood. They excel in politics, and every move in life is geared towards the greater good of society. They are evenly tempered, and very innocuous, blending into the background until something important comes along. There are many grapes like this which play a hugely important part in ‘wine society’ but in their own right fade into obscurity, but I would single out Grenache as being the most majestic.  It is a key component of top southern Rhone and Spanish wines (think Chateauneuf du Pape and Rioja), where this otherwise servile grape adds alcohol and red berry character and dilutes nasty harsh tannins.

Finally Pisces, who are elusive creatures and hard to pin down. While they are probably the most impractical sign, and relish an easy life, they add magic to those around them by their entertaining presence. Prosecco or Elgins famous Terra Madre Apple Cider is this sign’s wine – an easy-going, easy-to-drink sparkling wine which adds a little magic to every occasion.



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