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Is the SA #wine farmer sitting on a biofuel extravaganza?

Grape pomace, the mashed up skins and stems left over from making wine and grape juice, could serve as a good starting point for ethanol production, according to a new study (J. Agric. Food Chem., DOI: 10.1021/jf303509v). Due to growing interest in biofuels, researchers have started looking for cheap and environmentally sustainable ways to produce … Continue reading

Job training for kids in the #wine indusrty – where do I sign mine up?

Recently, the British wine magazine Decanter reported on an initiative by the Bordeaux Wine Bureau (CIVB) to teach young kids (ages 6 to 10 or 11) the rudiments of winemaking and viticulture through a voluntary program called La Gironde Verte. They’ll visit vineyards, learn how wine is made, taste the grapes, tour the cellar and … Continue reading

#Wine in lipstick – but can you drink it? Is SA slow off the mark in wine innovation?

If you’re a cosmetics junkie and wine lover like me, no doubt you’ve heard about skincare products and makeup that contain some form of beneficial ingredients from wine grapes.  Polyphenols in grapes and resveratrol are powerful antioxidants.  Grape seed oil extract helps protect skin from free radicals and hydrates at the same time.  You’ll find … Continue reading

So – how good is #wine for you?

From protecting your heart health and lowering breast cancer risk to fighting off colds and gum disease, red wine is touted as a medicinal superfood. But before you crack open that bottle and toast your good health, here is what you need to know. Is red wine healthier than white? Yes, experts say, but not … Continue reading

#wine farms – do they say the right things and make the customer feel special?

Do cellars really hit the right notes that make a visitor remember the visit – perhaps farms should ask themselves a few questions Train your tasting room personnel and treat them well.We have visited far too many tasting rooms where the people behind the counter don’t really know anything about the wines, which makes the … Continue reading

Clos Malverne hits the sweet spot with Spring Ice Cream & #Wine Pairings

Ice cream colours are all the rage this spring and so are Clos Malverne’s Ice Cream & Wine Pairings. This family-run wine estate nestled in the heart of the picturesque Devon Valley outside Stellenbosch, has given its oh-so-cool signature pairings a vibrant spring twist with new ice cream and wine combinations to enliven hibernating palates. … Continue reading

More reasons for wines to be green – insects can create #wine without a winemaker – study

by Elizabeth Shogren EnlargeOtto Hahn/Getty Images/Picture Press RMThe European hornet, or vespa crabro, helps make wine by kickstarting the fermentation process while the grapes are still on the vine. The next time you take a sip of your favorite wine, you might want to make your first toast to hornets. Or, more precisely, European hornets … Continue reading

Is that Weed I smell in my Cabernet? #wine

  Marijuana-Laced Wine Grows More Fashionable in California Wine Country Wines fermented with weed were a novelty in the early 1980s, but now quite a few California winemakers are producing cannabis cuvées on the sly—with Cabernet Last year, at a Burgundy dinner in New York, I was given a wine that smelled like no Burgundy … Continue reading

Which #wines did Obama serve?

Photograph by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg President Barack Obama, right, at an official state dinner with Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, in the Rose Garden on June 7, 2011. That secret White House wine list from the state dinner menu for U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron? It’s no longer a secret, thanks to Eric LeVine. LeVine is the founder … Continue reading

Moet Brand manager is had up for theft of R750 000 of #wine and booze

Brand manager for Moët Hennessy, Romain Brunot, has been jailed and fined for stealing £75,000 of Champagne and spirits. Over a four year period he appropriated 400 bottles of Krug and 400 bottles of Belvedere vodka that had been left over from events, including those held at the Dorchester Hotel and Heston Blumenthal’s restaurants. Brunot … Continue reading